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have you ever just taken such a liking to a certain band member that everything they do makes you happy and everything they say makes you want to hug them and they’re just so perfect in your eyes and you want to get rid of anything that’s ever made them sad and make sure they’re never sad again or is that like just me


Hello to all of our lovely followers! We are both SO EXCITED to be doing a joint giveaway!! **SQUEEE** We both love and appreciate you all so much for making our days on Tumblr brighter! This time we have decided to do a themed giveaway for the Almighty Key!

☆☆☆ RULES & INFO ☆☆☆

  • This is for our followers only so, you must be following BOTH jinki-bunny and aegyo-shinee. We will check. :)
  • Open internationally.
  • There will only be one winner, selected through random generator. Winner will receive 3 packages.
  • Likes and multiple reblogs allowed but please do not spam
  • Ends: September 23rd (Key’s Birthday!) at 11pm EST

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anon: are you lesbian?
me: my sexual preference is onew in any gender. I would even be a fried chicken if i must.
20 day shinee challenge

Something I put together from various other challenges, yee. If anyone want to use this (which I highly doubt), feel free to reblog ^^ But please don’t repost ♥ 

day one - your ultimate bias
day two - your top otp
day three - bias list ruiner
day four - favorite picture of your bias
day five - favorite song
day six - favorite teaser picture
day seven - favorite album
day eight - favorite photoshoot
day nine - favorite music video
day ten - favorite performance
day eleven - favorite outfit
day twelve - favorite hairstyle
day thirteen - favorite era
day fourteen - favorite variety show
day fifteen - favorite cf
day sixteen - favorite lyric
day seventeen - favorite hello baby moment
day eighteen - favorite ballad
day nineteen - favorite quote
day twenty - favorite group picture

My Idol Boyfriend Messages! #29


Daily Dose of Onew  #151 Dressed in Blue Onew Special


Hi followers and friends! 

This is a special tiny giveaway! ahahah 

I had this EXO member card I got as a freebie and no reason to keep it since im not a fan! So I made this up! 

I’ll do a SHINee one soon! Meanwhile I’ll send this to a lucky EXO fan.

Please no fanwars! >.<

There will be only one winner!

It’s only one card so I added two cute things! 


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jinki-bunny replied to your photoset “Onew Fire photocard! ”

OMG I WANT!!! it’s so perfect you’re so lucky!! xD