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SHINee Japan Arena Tour 2013 ~ Boys Meet U ~ | Moon River Waltz |


Taeminnie hit that man with all his might until that thing broke into pieces

In which Jinki gets hit by Tae’s elbow, punishes him by messing up his hair and then apologizes for messing up his haiR AND FIXES IT



When adults tell me Internet Friends aren’t real friends I get sad.

This is so accurate it hurts.

Yoogeun playing in the locker with his mates before filming.

All about you (is perfect) ♥ Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun .900408.

why do you like Jinki? if you were to stan another group besides shinee, who would it be? if you can listen to only one shinee song for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?


Why do you like Jinki?

I ask myself this all of the time honestly “Why am i so obsessed with this guy?”. There isnt any particular reason i really just love him and everything about him. EVERYTHING. Good and bad. If I was to say absolutely everything you would be infinitely scrolling down. And when people ask me this question and i cant put my finger on the answer because way too many things pop into my head at one time, just makes me feel embarrassed for liking a celebrity this much and confident in him forever being my bias!

To name a few things; his kind-nature, humbleness, sexy and beautiful voice, his nice body shape, randomness, shyness, eye smile, unselfishness, not so funny but kind of funny sense of humor, how respectful he is, how he is always so thankful, how he teases us, his oh-so-sexy English, how secretive he is about his body but we all know he has a 36 pack, his brown hair, his blonde hair, his red hair, his black hair, his unconditional love for chicken, his sometimes lazy but then other times right on point dancing, his weirdness, his adorable laugh, his innocence, onho, jongyu, onkey. ontae, onshawols and his love he shows towards others

A good way to resume it….